Steered by ambition and power, sounding honest, passionate and committing. A unique blend of folk, punk, working class rock and a pinch of 80ties hard rock.

SPARROW FALLS plays their own take on post-punk rock. Think of Hot Water Music, The Gaslight Anthem and Foo Fighters throwing in some Thin Lizzy- and ‘Maiden’-licks!

The band was formed in Maastricht, the Netherlands in 2005, but it took five years before well-received debut album Tides (self-published, 2010) was released. This full-length launched the band into the Dutch music scene and after three years they followed it up with EP Maelstrom (ARC/Suburban, 2013), which also got raving reviews.
Needless to say, both releases were accompanied by intensive touring. Over 100 shows were played, on every stage possible, in the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, Germany and Albania. However, not only as a six-piece rock outfit, but also as an acoustic folk, country and Americana seven-piece, replacing their guitars, keyboards and amps with banjo, mandolin, harmonium and double-bass. This frames Sparrow Falls’ compelling, energetic and affecting live shows, from massive, full-blown rock at a big stage, to committed, intricate and fragile around a bonfire.

Determined to work hard and with a big DIY-attitude, Sparrow Falls seizes the moment to release their second full-length album in March 2015. Once again, producer Igor Wouters (a.o. Gold, Backfire!, Aux Raus, Elle Bandita) recorded their album at the much acclaimed Amsterdam Recording Company (a.o. Joe Bonamassa, The Kills, Madball).